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Product/Service Info

The Continuum MR Infusion System enables you to deliver medication and other fluids to patients during MRI procedures.

Continuum pumps and certain batches of disposable tubing used with the system have been recalled and we are therefore only able to display limited Continuum product information at this time.

Bayer manufacturing and service teams are working diligently to produce new tubing and recalibrate returned pumps to restore operations in MR suites across the country. This action will require several months to complete.

Due to the recall, Bayer is not currently accepting new customer orders for Continuum., If you are in need of budgetary product information, please submit your request through the “Request More Information” link below.

We apologize for the inconvenience this situation causes to customers. The Continuum webpage will be fully restored in the near future.

Bayer HealthCare has recalled all lots of disposable tubing manufactured prior to April 2012, and Continuum pumps that were calibrated using tubing from the associated recall. We are taking this action because these tubing lots exhibit a variation that, when used in conjunction with the pumps, may result in flow rate accuracy performance issues. This recall affects product sold in multiple countries.  More information regarding the recall is available in the recall section of this webpage displayed to your right.

Last Updated: January 14,2014