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Product/Service Info
MEDRAD Products

When Quality, Safety, and Reliability Matter - Choose MEDRAD Products

MEDRAD'S reliable products have earned us our reputation for performance, quality, and safety, year after year, around the world.

Our vascular injection systems are market leaders in Angiography, Cardiology, Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance. Reliable innovation has helped us expand into new technologies like thrombectomy and FDG delivery for PET imaging. Our products are built on a legacy of product innovation.

 Equipment List

CT Informatics Platform
CT Injection Systems
CT Injector Accessories
Molecular Imaging / Nuclear Medicine
MRI Accessories
MRI Coils
MRI Infusion
MRI Injection Systems
MRI Monitoring
Radiation Oncology

 Syringe & Disposable Products

CT Injection Systems
MRI Infusion
MRI Injection Systems



 Quality Certifications

MEDRAD, INC. is ISO 13485 certified
Nihon MEDRAD K.K. (NMKK) is ISO 13485 certified

Last Updated: April 16,2014