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MEDRAD 3.0T Prostate eCoil MR Endorectal Coil patient prostate cancer image

The MEDRAD Prostate eCoil offers significantly higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) compared to surface coils and provides the senstivity needed for effective use of post-processing software used in spectroscopy, especially at 3.0T. The small field-of-view (FOV), high spatial resolution, sensitivity, and specificity of endorectal coils enable clear pictures that can assist with diagnosis and treatment planning for diseases of the prostate and surrounding anatomy. It's available in both 1.5T and 3.0T and in the U.S., Canada, most countries in the European Union, Japan, and Australia.

Patented Prostate eCoil technology:

  • Enables close placement for more detail in small FOV
  • Supports spectroscopy (MRIS/MRSI)
  • Assists with diagnosis and treatment planning

 MR Coils

MR Coils intensify the magnetic resonance signals emitted from the body that a large MRI machine reads. The result is more detail in the final radiologic images than using the MRI machine alone.

Last Updated: January 30,2014