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MEDRAD Prostate eCoil may help men with prostate cancer


MEDRAD® eCoils provide high resolution imaging of the prostate, rectum, cervix and surrounding anatomy. 

“The gain in SNR and image quality is so great that imaging the prostate without the endorectal coil is unthinkable.”

-Professor Jelle Barentsz,
University Medical Center, Nijmegen

eCoils offer significantly higher SNR than surface coils and offer the sensitivity needed for spectroscopy, especially at 3.0T. 

• eCoil offers specific designs for anatomical difference when imaging prostate, cervix, and colorectal images
• They improve your ability to visualize the internal architecture of the prostate and periprostatic structures; including prostate capsule and neurovascular bundles
• The eCoil is compatible with GE, Siemens and Phillips scanners

Better images assist with treatment planning and assist in tumor staging

The small FOV, high special resolution, sensitivity, and specificity of endorectal coils create clear pictures that can assist with diagnosis and treatment planning for diseases of the prostate, colon, cervix, and surrounding anatomy.

MEDRAD 3.0T Prostate eCoil MR Endorectal CoileCoil Conforms to Prostate Size and Shape

The eCoil is placed rectally adjacent to the prostate gland, and its balloon tip is inflated to immobilize it and conform to its size and shape. The signal-amplifying elements in the eCoil are then in very close proximity to the prostate to enable more detail in images during MRI scanning. 

"Using the eCoil for prostate MRI/MRSI exams on 3.0T scanners enables exquisite images and very high spatial resolution for detection of small, low-grade tumors and post-therapy disease."

-John Kurhanewicz, Ph.D.,
University of California, San Francisco

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Last Updated: January 30,2014