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Stellant D CT Injection System - our most technologically advanced CT injector 

Medrad® Stellant® D Dual Syringe CT Injection System:  accuracy and reliability for the most advanced clinical applications

Market leader Stellant D is a dedicated, dual-head CT injector that injects both contrast and saline.  Its scalable platform can be expanded to meet your unique needs. 

Accurate and reliable
• Saline Flush Capability for contrast efficiency, improved image quality and reduced artifacts
• Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols
• Precisely times contrast delivery with real-time display of injection pressure

Intuitive and efficient to increase throughput
• Automated loading, filling and priming
• Easy to learn, setup and use
• Stores and recalls up to 32 protocols
• Easily upgradeable

Designed with patient safety in mind
• Saline test injection to assess vein patency.

Last Updated: July 22,2014